About Yvette Fournier & Spaces of the Heart
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Yvette Fournier is truly the heart and soul of Spaces of the Heart vacation rentals. As both an artist and a grieving mother, Yvette knows first-hand the role beautiful, peaceful spaces play in healing, relaxation, and fellowship.

Over the past ten years, Yvette, her family, and a few close friends have put their soul into meticulously curating and outfitting each home with local artistic treasures and warm, inviting décor that envelops you with a sense of peace and love. Chris and Todd Godfrey—Yvette’s sons—have also been an integral part of bringing Spaces of the Heart to life while growing their own families. Yvette is a proud grandmother to five amazing grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

After losing her 23-year-old son, Jason, almost 19 years ago, Yvette’s long term goal has been to transform Spaces of the Heart vacation rentals into healing centers for people who have suffered loss: grieving parents, abuse survivors, and those suffering from drug addiction. Retreats are being scheduled and plans are in the works—stay tuned for more information on Spaces of the Heart Healing Centers.